Whamix Team


Whamix Team


Sunil Shah, CEO

Sunil Shah brings over 20 years of enterprise software research and development experience to Whamix. Prior to Whamix, Sunil spent many years with large to midsize software corporations (Cheyenne Software, Computer Associates, Veritas, Symantec, VMware to name a few) architecting computer software in various capacities, including technical director. He has been instrumental in developing innovative solutions for a diverse set of platforms, tools and technologies. He holds seven patents in data management, protection and virtualization.

In addition, apart from directing a few short documentaries, Sunil also wrote and directed critically acclaimed feature film “The Wisdom Tree”. He also serves on the board of Artists United which aims to democratize the process of creating art through collective action.


Purvi Shah, Creative Lead

Purvi is a designer, strategic thinker, and creative problem solver. She incorporates the latest tools and processes in her design practice from service design thinking to leveraging design systems in collaborating with engineering and business partners.

Her work is firmly grounded in her personal belief that a good designer has to be a hands on maker, just ideating is not enough. Her path in the creative field has evolved from designing for textiles, branding, movie posters and naturally progressing to different facets of digital media. She has been a successful creative catalyst and has done multiple stints as Creative Director, Art Director and independent designer at MediaZone, KeepMedia, BlogHer, Phoenix Pop and Studio Verso and been an instructor at the Academy of Art.

Purvi is also the Founder and Board Chair of the nonprofit, Kids & Art Foundation, with a mission to heal pediatric cancer through art.


Eileen Laitinen, Designer and Assistant Producer

Eileen Laitinen comes from a background in traditional animation including the animated short film, Rapunzel’s Etymology of Zero. Her career encompasses animation, design, and production for apps, e-books, games, and more recently VR/AR. Currently, Eileen is excited to explore how art and technology can overlap and the ever evolving ways people can create and express themselves.


Kruti Thukral, Software Developer

With an undergrad in Computer Science, Kruti Thukral has over 6 yrs of experience in development of enterprise software . Having strong computer science fundamentals, she has expertise in object oriented programming, RDBMS and NoSQL databases, backend web server design , development and deployment . She played a key role in the development of productivity suite for Google and stock market ticker plant for FIS. She enjoys logical problem solving and coding products from the ground up.


Teagan Smiley Wolfe, Sr. 3D Artist and Game Developer

Teagan is a graduate of the BFA program from the Pacific Northwest College of Art. He is versatile in his skills as well as stylistic approach and is equally comfortable with his illustration pens as he is with Blender and Unity.


Apurva Shah, Founder & Advisor

Apurva Shah is an Innovator and Maker. He is passionate about creating product experiences that positively reshape consumer behavior while creating sustainable business opportunities. He believes that change and innovation are the natural order, that failure is critical to learning and that collaborative trust is built on kindness.

At Capital One, Apurva led a multi-disciplinary innovation team that leveraged emerging technologies like immersive realities, artificial intelligence, internet of things and 3D game engines with a human centered focus. He also managed the Design System team responsible for ensuring consistent customer experiences across Capital One’s products and services.

Prior to these endeavors, Apurva served as Chief Visual Officer at Prana and Rhythm & Hues, Visual Effects Supervisor at Pixar and Sequences Supervisor at PDI/Dreamworks. His film credits include Ratatouille, Shrek, Finding Nemo, Toy Story 3, Cars2, Brave, Planes: Fire & Rescue, Antz, Batman Forever, The Arrival, The Wisdom Tree and Broken Arrow.

He has served on the Siggraph committee and on the board of the Visual Effects Society Bay Area Section. He currently serves as advisor for the non- profit Kids & Art.

Green Rain

Creative Partners

Green Rain

Creative Partners


Green Rain, Magical Realities

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Karan Parikh

Karan is a creative technologist who is committed to blurring the lines between the real world and the virtual world. He creates unique immersive experiences by fusing his wild imagination with pragmatic problem-solving. His areas of focus are mixed reality, interaction design, real-time graphics, spatial augmented reality, virtual reality, and adaptive and binaural audio. His collaborative work has been displayed at iconic public spaces like Times Square in New York City (Coolture Impact), prestigious museums (Strong Museum of Play) and some of the US's most progressive art galleries (Artechouse).

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Aditya Upadhyay

Aditya is an engineer by training and an engineer at heart. He has an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering from Mumbai University. He has been working with UE4 for a while and is passionate about using it to build fun and engaging experiences. He is a quick study and willing to put in the hard work to master any task.

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Sameek Kundu

Sameek is one of the first UE4 users in India. He has extensive experience with the engine and a deep understanding of the source code. He has shipped over a dozen plugins in the UE4 marketplace. He has also worked with C#, .NET, and WPF. He is a skeptical optimist who is never afraid to challenge the status quo and ask tough questions. He is an avid gamer with an appreciation for, and understanding of, story-driven gameplay.

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Amey Godse

Amey is a creator with curiosity. He is a full stack software engineer with over a decade of experience building applications from the ground up for mobile, web and the server. Amey has created with augmented reality (ARKit) and virtual reality (Daydream) technologies. He also has expertise in research methodology and analysis of data - big and small, especially in the life sciences domain. He has a graduate degree in Bioinformatics and an undergraduate degree in Information Technology.

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Uday Kumar

Uday is an exceptionally skilled 3D artist with a knack for character design and a keen eye for detail. He has high proficiency in ZBrush, Substance Designer, Autodesk Maya, and Adobe Photoshop. He has worked on big Bollywood productions with exquisite visual effects like Padmaavat, Robot 2.0 and Kedarnath. He looks to nature for inspiration and strives to create digital photorealistic representations of what he sees.