Paul Wang has worked in high end computer graphics animation for commercials and feature films for over 30 years. Has worked intimately on all aspects of filmmaking from concept development, art and story development, preproduction, production and post production sound and picture. At Dreamworks, he did pioneering work on Antz, Shrek, Tusker, Madagascar and the Shrek 4D ride at Universal Studios. Also has film credits on Captain Harlock, The Peacemaker, The Arrival, The Shadow and Batman Forever. Paul was the CG supervisor for NBC’s prime time television show, Father of the Pride. 

Paul served as the Head of Studio at Marza, the feature film division of Sega as well as Head of Development at Imagi Studios in Hong Kong. He was the Producer for TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and Executive Producer for Astro Boy.  At Marza and Imagi Studios, Paul had the responsibility of developing a slate of stories from scratch for animated feature films. He helped build and manage the overseas computer animation feature film pipelines in US, Hong Kong and Tokyo.