Transforming Customer Experiences

Our clients understand the world is rapidly changing, driven forward by progression of technology and disruptive competition. By utilizing emerging technologies, Whamix bridges the gap between current products & services and customer expectations. We believe that every product transaction and service touch point lays the foundation for a deep and lasting customer relationship.

We use a structured, lean innovation process to explore key product hypotheses and create prototypes capable of collecting real customer data. This allows product owners and stakeholders to make confident, evidence-based decisions relating to emerging technologies and interactive trends without waiting for lengthy and expensive product cycles.



Engaged customers are at the heart of every successful brand.

To create empathy in a fragmented and saturated world, both tech and design are needed. Multidisciplinary innovation that combines design, technology, product and brand strategy is the only way to craft narratives that create authentic meaning for the customer-brand relationship.

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By leveraging emerging technologies and human centered design, we create unique branded narrative experiences for products and services.

We practice lean innovation. Our process of Minimum Viable Question allows for creativity and passion while staying grounded in data driven outcomes.



Whamix is a tight-knit creative technology team comprising of storytellers, programmers, makers, and innovators on a mission to help companies breathe humanity into technology.



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